Second Baptist Church of Jefferson City
Succession of Pastors/Ministers, 1859 - Present

Rev. Emanuel Cartwright (1859-Revisits); Rev. Silas Woodson (1860); Rev. Albert Nelson (1869); Rev. Gabriel Gray (1873); Rev. H. H. White; Rev. Atwater (first name not recorded); Rev. Richard York (unknown); Rev (Bishop) H.J. Burton (1879-1885); Rev. S.P. Lewis (1886-1887); Rev. B.F. Ratliff (1887); Rev. J.S. Dorsey (1888-1899); Rev. John Goins (1900-1905); Rev. J.T. Gaston, M.D. (1905-1913); Rev. John Goins (1913-1917 second call); Rev. (Dr.) E.L. Scruggs (1918-1926); Rev. Lewis D. Hardiman (1927-1933); Rev. A. Wendell Ross (1933 -1936); Rev. Joseph H. Jackson (1933: three months); Rev  Charles Bertram Johnson (1937-1958); Rev. Edgar L. Reid (1958-1965); Rev. T. Maynard Preston (1965-1966); Rev. Herreld N. Nance (1967-1971); Rev. David O. Shipley, Sr. (1972-1982); Rev. Spencer M. Roberts (1982-1992); Rev. Philip Rodman (1992); Rev. Cornell C. Sudduth, Sr. (1993-Incumbent).   

 In 1958, while the Church officers and congregation were considering the offer of a call to another minister after the death of Rev. Johnson (who had pastored for 20 years), Rev. B. Daniel Clater, early director of the Baptist Student Union (BSU, Lincoln University) and Rev. James Carter helped to “hold the Church together” by conducting worship services during those times.

In 1993, for a period of about 11 months, Second Baptist Church was without a pastor. During that period, as the membership prayerfully searched for a spiritual leader, the congregation was ministered to by many servants of God, chief among those were Rev. William A. Givens and Rev. Craig Galbreath.

Looking towards the 21st century, Second Baptist Church called the Reverend Cornell C. Sudduth, Sr. as its 25th pastor.  Under his leadership, Second Baptist has extended its ministry to include the revitalization of mid-week services, the establishment of new ministries, regular combined and exchange worship with local and area churches, constant ministerial visits to pray with the sick, shut-in and the bereaved (irrespective of their religious beliefs), regular involvement of youth, modernization of the sanctuary, offices and foyer and the embracing of Christian Education.  This last emphasis has led to Pastor Sudduth's having been re-elected successively from Fourth to First Vice-President of Missouri State Congress of Christian Education.  

Second Baptist Church
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